Using Ice or heat as sciatic nerve pain treatment

Published: 08th June 2010
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Is it best to use Ice or Heat as your sciatic nerve pain treatment?

Yippee, your sciatica is hurting again. Unlucky you.

This pain hurts - very much. And the thing that you want most is almost always to just find some relief. Some escape. Something to take the edge off.

Many men and women say that you can use ice or heat to dull your pain, but this may actually hurt you.

If you do not discover how to use it that is.

Why? It really is because of the muscle inflammation. Let's say that your muscles are inflamed and you do not know it. You reach for an heating pad. Well, heat plus inflammation equals more pain than you are already in.

So how do you know? How do you know what to put on your pain and when to put it on?

When to work with Heat

If the muscles where you are having thelower back pain are stiff and sore, then they should be soothed. This is when you want to use a heating pad. In the event that the pain is deep within the muscle, you should consider an infrared heating pad. These get deep into the muscle tissue without causing your skin to hurt. Infrared heat works fast and can stay on your body for much longer than regular heating pads.

When to use Ice

When it comes to lower back pain, when there is a sharp pain, that is generally a sign of swelling (aka inflammation). Which means ice is what you want. Put an ice pack on the area in which you are in pain. Then go 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off. Continue this until you find relief. It is necessary that you don't put heat on inflammation This will likely cause your pain to get much worse.

Handling sciatica is hard. Luckily finding your sciatic nerve pain treatment does not have to be.

Until you have a Cure, your pain Will forever Return.

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